The Flying C Ranch is located in central Faulkner County, Arkansas approximately 8 miles east of Conway. In 1980, Dr. Robert Clark started with just 16 head of cattle as a hobby. The herd has since developed into a large cow-calf operation on over 600 acres of farm land in Conway, Arkansas. We strive to provide the best meat quality by focusing on forage management year round. We raise a variety of hay, ranging from native Bermuda grass to Tipton 44 hybrid Bermuda grass to midland hybrid Bermuda grass. We feed our herd hay 90-120 days, depending on the weather between the months of November and February. Other times our herd grazes on a mixture of grass, mainly native and hybrid Bermuda. We implement rotational grazing when the season permits. To optimize our herd performance and provide any necessary nutritional supplement, we provide Free Choice mineral troughs with seasonal required minerals. Our regular health program is provided by Dr. Cy Shurtleff, DVM of Morrilton. We have documentation through Dr. Shurtleff of the vaccination program, and we keep detailed documentation of our herd and their progress at all times.

We run approximately 150 mama cows that are cross-bred Poll Hereford, Angus, Braunvieh, Charolais and Santa Gertrudis. We have six registered bulls, 2 Horned Herefords, 1 Black Angus, 2 Red Angus, and 1 Simmental. In the past, we have taken each year’s calf crop weanlings and sent them to a feed lot in Kansas.  In 2012, we wanted to start something new. We decided to market our cattle and decrease the cost of transporting the cattle to feed lots by selling them locally at our farm. We started this process by retaining our heifers from 2011 to sell as replacement heifers to potential buyers. Since beginning our program, we have raised our own replacement heifers and do not purchase cattle.

In 2001, the family expanded their farmland with a purchase of 400 acres in Mayflower, Arkansas. Located along the Arkansas River, the acreage is used for harvesting hay, wheat straw, soy beans, rice and other crops. In the heart of the land sits Clark’s Pecan Grove, a 30 acre pecan orchard filled with a mixture of Paper Shell, Stuart, Desirable and Native pecan trees. Our 140 trees are 30 to 40 years old. Ten years ago we planted 60 Pawnee trees that are quickly developing. We open our orchard to the public in the latter part of October or early part of November for picking on the halves. Customers from the Central Arkansas area come pick pecans and are allowed to keep half of what they pick for free, but have the option to purchase more. After our first hard freeze, our trees become dormant and we begin the harvesting process. We sell pecans whole, cracked and shelled. At the end of the season, we take all our excess pecans to market for wholesale.

Our business is family owned and operated, and we strive to provide the best customer service possible. If you or someone you know are interested in purchasing our services, please call Leanna at 501.454.2667 or Michael at 501.339.5677.


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