Farm Fresh Beef — Ready to sell!

On February 16, we took 4 steers to be processed at Cypress Valley Meat Company in Romance, AR. Lee at Cypress Valley said the back strap of the carcasses looked very good! The carcasses dry aged for 2 weeks before the meat was cut up into different selections. All the meat is USDA Inspected & the Flying C pays for the processing fee. The beef is now ready to be sold, and the new prices and selections available are below. Again, this meat is home grown at the Flying C Ranch and USDA inspected. Please call Leanna at 501-454-2667 for orders.

Ribeye Steak: $13.00/lb

T-Bone: $11.00/lb

Sirloin Steak: $9.00/lb

Boneless Tenderize Round Steak: $7.00/lb

Boneless Round Steak: $7.00/lb

Minute/Cube STeaks: $6.00/lb

Rump Roast: $6.00/lb

Chuck Roast: $6.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: $7.00/lb

Beef Brisket: $5.00/lb

Stew Meat: $6.00/lb

Beef Fajita Meat: $6.00/lb

Beef K-Bob Meat: $6.00/lb

Beef Liver: $3.00/lb

Ground Beef: $5.00/lb


These steers are on a program provided by the Arkansas State Nutritionist. Picture above are the steers gathering for their morning feed. If you have any questions, please call Leanna at 501-454-2667.

Thank you!


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Farm Fresh Beef — Whole, Half, and Quarter

FARM FRESH BEEF — available now! The Flying C Ranch is selling whole, half, and quarter steers. Prices will be determined by current market price, and the beef is sold on carcass weight. Our beef is processed through Cypress Valley Meat Company in Romance, AR. It is USDA inspected, dry aged, and sold on carcass weight. There is NO processing fee involved. The 4 steers we took to Cypress Valley Meat Company on April 1 had an average carcass weight of 757.5 pounds with the price locked in at $5.00 per pound. They dry aged for 15 to 18 days, then they were cut up and vacuum sealed in the designated cuts and amounts our customers wanted. These 4 sold, but we took 4 more this week. These will be ready in 15 to 18 days.

If you’re interested, please let us know! You can call Cypress Valley Meat Company at 501-556-5055 to order your desired cuts. If you’d like more information, you can also call Leanna at 501-454-2667.

Remember, the $5 per pound rate is a flat rate for all cuts. We checked the grocery store, and some ground beef is going for $4.99 per pound! Get your FARM FRESH beef now! ‪#‎beef‬ ‪#‎farmfresh‬ ‪#‎arkansasbeef‬ ‪#‎locallygrown‬


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Flying C Ranch offering Farm Fresh, Pasture Raised Beef

We started selling Farm Fresh, Pasture Raised Beef on April 1, 2015. We sell Whole, Halves, or Quarters. All the meat is USDA inspected, dry aged. sold on the carcass weight and there is no processing fees. The price of the beef is determined by the current Market when we take the beef in to be processed. We took 4 steers to the Cypress Valley Meat Company on April 1 and the price got locked in at $5.00 per pound. We have a half of beef that has not been sold at this time, if anyone is interested, please call me at 1-501-454-2667. You are welcome to call the Cypress Valley Meat Company at 1-501-556-5055 to talk with Chris Shaw about the quality of the beef. If you have any other questions, please call us. Look forward to hearing from you.

Leanna Lee Clark
Flying C Ranch


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Post Season Report

We just wanted to take a minute to thank all our loyal customers. With your help, we were able to harvest over 35,000 pounds last season. Our orchard opened to the public Saturday, November 2, 2013, and closed for the season Saturday, December 28, 2013. We had a great year, and we appreciate everyone who came out to pick. We cannot wait to see what this year holds! Our trees are pruned, we’ve invested in new equipment, and we are looking for 2014 to be our best year yet!


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We will be closed tomorrow due to inclement weather. We’ll open again Wednesday, December 11, at 9am. Everyone stay safe, and we’ll see you next week!


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Mid-Season Report

This year we started harvesting November 30. We’re excited to say that we do have a bumper crop this year. There are a lot of pecans to harvest and a lot on the ground that have already dropped. We have had a great turnout for picking on the halves, and we are thankful for our customers.

We do have some new pricing information. Orders under 100 pounds are still $3.50/pound whole and $3.75/pound cracked. Any orders over 100 pounds are $3.00/pound whole and $3.25/pound cracked. If you’re interested in purchasing an order over 1,000 pounds, we have a special price of $1.50/pound whole (cracked orders not available in such large quantities).

Pecans are great for baking those holiday pies and sweet treats! We also have customers who love to use them for encrusting fish and poultry dishes. They make great gifts for family and friends, so put in your order today!

Just a reminder that we are still OPEN to the public every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-3pm. Come out and see us!!

To place an order, contact Michael at 501-339-3577 or Leanna at 501-454-2667.



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Pecans for Sale – Opening Day Stats

Opening day was a success! A total of 1,106.5 pounds were picked, and we had 121 customers. We want to thank everyone for coming out. With your cooperation, we’re going to have a great year. Please call us if you have any questions. We hope to see you this Saturday, November 9, for another great day of picking.

We now have pecans for sale. They are $3.50 per pound WHOLE, and $3.75 per pound CRACKED (shell is cracked, not completely shelled). Please let us know if you’d like to place an order. Call 501.454.2667 or 501.339.5677 or visit our Facebook page.


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Opening Day — November 2, 2013

Great news! This Saturday, November 2, is our first day to be open to the public. We offer picking on the halves, which means if you pick 10 pounds, you can keep 5 pounds for free. You also have the opportunity to buy your other half. We have pickers and buckets, so bring friends and family out for a great fall Saturday activity!

We have bags of pecan chips for smoking available in limited quantities. They’re great for smoking fish, poultry, beef, pork, or any other meat you might cook. Do you need some wheat straw for animal bedding, Thanksgiving décor, or other needs? We have plenty of square bales at $3.50 per bale.

We’re excited that this season is here, and we can’t wait to see all of our customers from last year. We look forward to the new faces as well! Come see us!


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Whole Pecans & Chips for your barbeque needs!

We’re gearing up for this season, but we still have some pecans from last year. If you’d like to buy some, they’re $1 per pound. These pecans are whole and have not been cracked or shelled. Please call 501-454-2667 or 501-339-5677 if you are interested.


Love to barbeque and smoke meat? We have pecan chips for sale, and our customers are raving about them. Try them with your ribs, salmon, trout, chicken, and much more. They give such a great flavor, and they’re easy to use. Give us a call if you’re interested in trying some!


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Approaching the end

Hello everyone! We are so thrilled that we have had such a great season despite the drought this summer. We sincerely appreciate all of our customers who come every year to pick on the halves. We have seen a lot of new faces this year, and we are excited about that.

Our last day to be open to the public will be Thursday, December 20. Below is a list of the dates we will be open the rest of the season.

Saturday, December 8

Thursday, December 13

Saturday,  December 15

Thursday, December 20

Please come and see us before the season closes. If you haven’t visited, you are missing out! If you are a regular, we appreciate you! We are still taking orders if you do not have the opportunity to pick on the halves.

$3/pound whole (in shell) — $3.50/pound cracked — $10/pound shelled

Please contact us if you are interested.

-Clark’s Pecan Grove



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