Farm Fresh Beef

We grow farm fresh, pasture raised beef to sell to the public. We sell a variety of different selections of freezer beef at the Conway & Vilonia Farmer’s Markets in the Spring, Summer and Fall of each year. Our 2016 Farmer’s Market season is wrapped up, but we continue to sell beef from the farm. We will always have a sale on our ground beef: buy 5 — 1 pound packages for $20. You can buy our beef online for local pickup at You can order your goods every week and pick them up on Fridays at Dogwood Farm. Every Sunday, Vilonia Locally Grown will email you a list of available inventory. You will then have until Tuesday at 8pm CST to place your order. Pickup will be Fridays from 4-6pm at Dogwood Farm (we do NOT ship).

We offer 40 pound variety boxes with a selection of beef at $5.00 per pound. The selections/amounts include: 3 ribeye steaks, 3 T-bone steaks, 2 sirloin steaks, 1 package of k-bob meat, 1 package of fajita meat, 1 package of stew meat, 2 chuck roasts, 1 package of ribs, and 18 packages of ground beef (1 lb each).

Here are the prices for our meat (pictures shown are Flying C Ranch beef):

Ribeye Steak:     $13/lb  ribeye

T-Bone Steak:     $11/lb

Sirloin Steak:     $9/lbsirloin

Boneless Tenderize Round Steak:     $7/lbtenderized-round-steak

Boneless Round Steak:     $7/lbround-steak

Minute/Cube Steaks:     $6/lbminute-steak

Rump Roast:     $6/lbrump-roast

Chuck Roast:     $6/lbchuck-roast

Sirloin Tip Roast:     $7/lbsirloin-tip-roast

Beef Brisket:      $5/lbbrisket

Stew Meat:     $6/lbstew-meat

Beef Fajita Meat:     $6/lbfajita-meat

Beef K-Bob Meat:     $6/lbkbob

Beef Liver:     $3/lb

Ground Beef:     $5/lbground-beef

Beef Short Ribs:     $5/lbshort-ribs

If you would like to purchase beef, please contact us at 501.454.2667.

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