Farm-Fresh, Pasture Raised Beef

When you choose Flying C Ranch, you choose a cattle farm that maintains the traditions of early farming generations--before the days of commercialized meats.

Our cattle maintain a rich supply of nutrients they acquire from a stress-free environment where quality feed and grass is plentiful. We raise a variety of hay, ranging from native Bermuda grass, Tifton 44 hybrid Bermuda grass to Midland hybrid Bermuda grass. We feed our herd hay 90-120 days, depending on the weather between the months of November and February.

We provide Right Now® mineral troughs with seasonal required minerals. This helps optimize our herd performance and provide any necessary nutritional supplement. We follow a regular health program provided by Dr. Cy Shurtleff, DVM of Morrilton, AR.

We run approximately 150 mama cows that are cross-bred Angus, Poll Hereford, Braunvieh, Charolais and Santa Gertrudis. We have five registered bulls: 2 Black Angus, 2 Red Angus, and 1 Horn Hereford. We sell our cattle locally from our farm.


At Flying C Ranch, we adhere to a certain standard when raising our cattle and producing meat your family can enjoy. Take a look below to see what regulations we uphold for our farm-fresh meat varieties.

  • You can purchase meats in whole, halves or quarters, or you can buy individual cuts
  • USDA Inspected
  • Dry aged
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Sold on carcass weight
  • Once bulk order is secured with the Flying C, buyer can call Cypress Valley Meat Company at (479) 968-6330 to order desired cuts
  • Bulk prices will be determined by current market

Fall Special

1 Roast (~3 lbs)

2 Ground Beef (1 lb packages)

1 package Fajita Meat OR Cube Steak

1 Flying C Mug

Fall Recipes

$33 (value of $43)

Special ends Thanksgiving, so get yours now! Watch for our upcoming holiday special!

Purchase a Flying C Ranch mug for just $7!


There are a variety of ways to purchase your farm fresh beef with Flying C Ranch. To learn more about how you can purchase, look below to learn where you can place your order.

  • Purchase meats directly from our farm
  • 2018 Sale on Bulk Beef: $4.00 per pound, and the Flying C will pay processing fee. If you are interested, please call Leanna at 501-454-2667.
  • Conway & Vilonia Farmer’s Markets -- These are now closed for 2018, but you will find us there in the spring of 2019!

    Our tender cuts are balanced with a healthy variety of "good" fats and vitamins that are unseen in your store-bought meats. Not to mention, the taste is certainly a cut above the rest---flavor and tenderness that continues to amaze our clients.

    Part of what draws clients to Flying C Ranch year after year is not only the quality of our meat but the customer's working closely with Cypress Valley Meat Company in getting their desired cuts of meat.

    1/2 Carcass (~400 lbs) 1/4 Carcass (~200 lbs) 1/8 Carcass (~100 lbs)
    1" Steaks:

    T Bones

    Ribeye Steaks

    Sirloin Steaks









    1/2" Round Steaks
    8 4 2
    2-3 Pound Roasts:

    Hind 1/4: Sirloin Tip
    Pikes Peak



    Minute/Cube Steaks
    6 pks 3 pks 1 1/2 pk
    3-4 pks 1-2 pks 1pk
    Fajita Meat
    3-4 pks 1-2 pks 1 pk
    Stew Meat
    4-6 pks 2-3 pks 1-2 pks
    6-7 pks (1 1/2 lb) 3 pks 1 1/2 pks
    1 whole 1/2 0
    Soup Bone (Bone Marrow, Neck, Oxtail)
    6 pks 3 pks 1 1/2 pks
    Ground Beef
    60-70 lbs 30-35 lbs 15-17.5 lbs

    Beef Quality

    The Flying C takes pride in beef quality and genetics. We regularly test our herd to better understand how their genetics play a role in our beef quality. We want to offer the best end product possible as we continue to focus on our farm to table program.

    Savory Delicious Meats
    Ribeye Steaks T-Bone Steaks Sirloin Steaks
    Boneless Tenderized
    Round Steak
    Boneless Round Steak Minute/Cube Steak
    Chuck Roast Stew Meat Beef Fajita Meat
    Beef K-Bob Meat
    Beef Short Ribs Ground Beef & More