About Flying C Ranch 

Located in central Faulkner County just 8 miles east of Conway, Flying C Ranch began in 1980 with a farmer who had a passion. The late Dr. Robert Clark started with just 16 head of cattle as a hobby but it wasn't long before his past-time activity flourished into a large scale endeavor. The herd has since developed into a large cow-calf operation on over 600 acres of farm land in Conway, Arkansas. Today, it continues to thrive under the leadership of Dr. Clark's wife, Leanna Clark and his stepson, Michael Lee. 

As their farm has grown over the years, the Clarks have observed an increasing consumer interest in how beef products are produced. Specific interests include how beef is raised and processed. They heard the consumers' needs and began their trademark freezer program in 2014. 

Their meat is healthy, farm-fresh, pasture raised, and can be followed from the birth of the calf to the dinner plate. Their steers spend their entire life on the farm in a low stress environment with gentle handling. The Clark team always strives to fulfill an obligatory need to care for cattle humanely. 

Faulkner County Farm Family of the Year 2018

Faulkner County Farm Family of the Year 2007

Dr. Robert "Doc" & Leanna Clark

Michael Lee