Locally Grown Pecans

Nestled in the heart of Mayflower, AR, Clark's Pecan Grove rests over a stunning 30 acres of lush open fields. This lovely pecan orchard blossoms every fall with a rich mixture of Paper Shell and Native pecan trees. With just over 200 trees, the grove is around 40 years old.

We will sell pecans in Fall 2023 but will not be open for picking. You can purchase whole or cracked pecans. Shelled pecans subject to availability.

2023 Prices

Whole - $3.50 per pound

Cracked - $4.00 per pound

Deluxe Pecans - $4.50 per pound

Shelled - $14.00 per pound

To purchase, please call David Short at 501-336-4388.


Have you ever enjoyed pecans fresh from the grove? If you haven't, we can make that happen at Clark's Pecan Grove. We offer pecans whole, cracked, and shelled. They will be the perfect addition to your holiday table and are a great option for gifts year round.

Jams & Jellies

Don't forget about our savory homemade jellies canned and labeled just for you! Choose from a variety of different flavors like apple, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, grape, peach jam, pecan jam, strawberry jam, wild muscadine and others! All decorative labels display the date so you can ensure your homemade jelly stays fresh! But it doesn't stop there. We proudly sell pecan wood, too! Nothing gives meat that rich flavor like pecan wood over an open flame. We sell pecan wood and chunks so you can add them to your campfire!