Farm-Fresh, Pasture Raised Beef

When you choose Flying C Ranch, you choose a cattle farm that maintains the traditions of early farming generations--before the days of commercialized meats.

Our cattle maintain a rich supply of nutrients they acquire from a stress-free environment where quality feed and grass is plentiful. We raise a variety of hay, ranging from native Bermuda grass, Tifton 44 hybrid Bermuda grass to Midland hybrid Bermuda grass. We feed our herd hay 90-120 days, depending on the weather between the months of November and February.

We provide seasonal required minerals. This helps optimize our herd performance and provide any necessary nutritional supplement. We follow a regular health program provided by Dr. Cy Shurtleff, DVM of Morrilton, AR.

We run approximately 150 commercial cows that have heavy Angus genetics. We have six registered bulls: 1 Black Angus, 4 Red Angus, and 1 Black Simmental. We sell our cattle locally from our farm.


At Flying C Ranch, we adhere to a certain standard when raising our cattle and producing meat your family can enjoy. Take a look below to see what regulations we uphold for our farm-fresh meat varieties.

  • You can purchase meats in whole, halves or quarters, or you can buy individual cuts
  • USDA Inspected
  • Dry aged
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Sold on carcass weight
  • Once bulk order is secured with the Flying C, buyer can call Cypress Valley Meat Company at (479) 968-6330 to order desired cuts
  • Bulk prices will be determined by current market

Flying C Mugs

Fall 2020 mugs coming soon!


There are a variety of ways to purchase your farm fresh beef with Flying C Ranch. To learn more about how you can purchase, look below to learn where you can place your order.

  • Purchase meats directly from our farm. Just reach out via the form on our site or message us on Facebook!
  • 2021 Bulk Beef: $5.00 per pound, plus the customer pays the processing fee. If you are interested, please call Leanna at 501-454-2667. We are now booking 2021.
  • Conway & Vilonia Farmer’s Markets -- We will provide weekly updates on our Facebook page to let you know where you can find us at the Farmer's Market. We typically are at the Conway Farmer's Market (Antioch Baptist Church) on Saturdays. Check Facebook for updates!
  • Conway Locally Grown -- You can purchase our beef via Conway Locally Grown when supplies are available

    Our tender cuts are balanced with a healthy variety of "good" fats and vitamins that are unseen in your store-bought meats. Not to mention, the taste is certainly a cut above the rest---flavor and tenderness that continues to amaze our clients.

    Part of what draws clients to Flying C Ranch year after year is not only the quality of our meat but the customer's working closely with Cypress Valley Meat Company in getting their desired cuts of meat.

    1/2 Carcass (~400 lbs) 1/4 Carcass (~200 lbs) 1/8 Carcass (~100 lbs)
    1" Steaks:

    T Bones

    Ribeye Steaks

    Sirloin Steaks









    1/2" Round Steaks
    8 4 2
    2-3 Pound Roasts:

    Hind 1/4: Sirloin Tip
    Pikes Peak



    Minute/Cube Steaks
    6 pks 3 pks 1 1/2 pk
    3-4 pks 1-2 pks 1pk
    Fajita Meat
    3-4 pks 1-2 pks 1 pk
    Stew Meat
    4-6 pks 2-3 pks 1-2 pks
    6-7 pks (1 1/2 lb) 3 pks 1 1/2 pks
    1 whole 1/2 0
    Soup Bone (Bone Marrow, Neck, Oxtail)
    6 pks 3 pks 1 1/2 pks
    Ground Beef
    60-70 lbs 30-35 lbs 15-17.5 lbs

    Beef Quality

    The Flying C takes pride in beef quality and genetics. We regularly test our herd to better understand how their genetics play a role in our beef quality. We want to offer the best end product possible as we continue to focus on our farm to table program.

    Savory Delicious Meats
    Ribeye Steaks T-Bone Steaks Sirloin Steaks
    Boneless Tenderized
    Round Steak
    Boneless Round Steak Minute/Cube Steak
    Chuck Roast Stew Meat Beef Fajita Meat
    Beef K-Bob Meat
    Beef Short Ribs Ground Beef & More