Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to explain how much beef someone would receive if they bought a half of beef. First of all, it is important to define Live Weight and Carcass Weight. The live weight is the actual weight of the steer when we take him to Cypress Valley Meat Company. After the steer is killed and cleaned, the carcass is hung to dry and that is the carcass weight. The beef is sold on the carcass weight.

For example:

Average Live Weight of our steers: 1300 to 1500 pounds

Carcass Weight: 800 pounds

Half of the steer's carcass weight: 400 pounds

How Much Meat Would I Get From A 400 Pound Side:

1" Steaks T-Bone - 12 to 14 steaks
Ribeye - 12 to 14 steaks
Sirloin - 5 to 6 steaks
1/2" Round Steaks 8 Steaks
2-3 Pound Roasts Chuck- 6
Hind 1/4 -2-3 Sirloin Tip
2 Pikes Peak
2 Rump
Minute Steaks
6 packages (4 minute steaks per package)
Stew Meat
4-6 packages
Ribs 6-7 packages

K Bobs 3-4 packages

Fajita Meat
3-4 packages
Beef Liver
6 packages
Soup Bone (Bone Marrow, Neck, Oxtail) 6 packages
Organs (Heart, Kidneys & Tongue) 6 packages
Ground Beef 60-70 pounds

Prices Will Be Determined By The Current Market At The Time We Take The Steer To Cypress Valley For Processing

Variety Meats

How Is The Meat Packaged?

Cypress Valley Meat vacuum seals all individual cuts of meat and labels them with the following details:

  • Cypress Valley Meat label
  • Flying C Ranch label
  • Name of the meat
  • Weight of the meat