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Mid-Season Report

Mid-Season Report

This year we started harvesting November 30. We're excited to say that we do have a bumper crop this year. There are a lot of pecans to harvest and a lot on the ground that have already dropped. We have had a great turnout for picking on the halves, and we are thankful for our customers.

We do have some new pricing information. Orders under 100 pounds are still $3.50/pound whole and $3.75/pound cracked. Any orders over 100 pounds are $3.00/pound whole and $3.25/pound cracked. If you're interested in purchasing an order over 1,000 pounds, we have a special price of $1.50/pound whole (cracked orders not available in such large quantities).

Pecans are great for baking those holiday pies and sweet treats! We also have customers who love to use them for encrusting fish and poultry dishes. They make great gifts for family and friends, so put in your order today!

Just a reminder that we are still OPEN to the public every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-3pm. Come out and see us!!

To place an order, contact Michael at 501-339-3577 or Leanna at 501-454-2667.


Roger Ellington wrote on September 25, 2017 6:39 pm

You had some great pecans last year,hope you let me come pick some up this year !!!!!!!!

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