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On February 16, we took 4 steers to be processed at Cypress Valley Meat Company in Romance, AR. Lee at Cypress Valley said the back strap of the carcasses looked very good! The carcasses dry aged for 2 weeks before the meat was cut up into different selections. All the meat is USDA Inspected & the Flying C pays for the processing fee. The beef is now ready to be sold, and the new prices and selections available are below. Again, this meat is home grown at the Flying C Ranch and USDA inspected. Please call Leanna at 501-454-2667 for orders.

Ribeye Steak: $13.00/lb

T-Bone: $11.00/lb

Sirloin Steak: $9.00/lb

Boneless Tenderize Round Steak: $7.00/lb

Boneless Round Steak: $7.00/lb

Minute/Cube STeaks: $6.00/lb

Rump Roast: $6.00/lb

Chuck Roast: $6.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: $7.00/lb

Beef Brisket: $5.00/lb

Stew Meat: $6.00/lb

Beef Fajita Meat: $6.00/lb

Beef K-Bob Meat: $6.00/lb

Beef Liver: $3.00/lb

Ground Beef: $5.00/lb

These steers are on a program provided by the Arkansas State Nutritionist. Picture above are the steers gathering for their morning feed. If you have any questions, please call Leanna at 501-454-2667.

Thank you!

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